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旋塞閥,隔膜閥 上海網(wǎng)站優(yōu)化上海陽(yáng)光房上海紗窗感應加熱器硬密封蝶閥高溫球閥不銹鋼球閥屏蔽泵隔膜計量泵計量泵無(wú)級變速機工程墻壁開(kāi)關(guān)鑄鋼低壓閘閥不銹鋼水龍頭墻壁開(kāi)關(guān)插座噴煤粉球閥屏蔽泵潛污泵管道離心泵304不銹鋼管污水處理設備固液分離設備光電開(kāi)關(guān)鍛鋼球閥屏蔽泵拉伸開(kāi)關(guān)潛水排污泵不銹鋼水龍頭核電閥門(mén),電站閥,高壓閥門(mén),高壓球閥一片式球閥不銹鋼導熱油泵商標注冊無(wú)級變速機固液分離設備板框過(guò)濾機臥螺離心機濃醬灌裝機固定球閥硬密封球閥旋塞閥瑜伽教練培訓墻壁開(kāi)關(guān)大口徑鑄鐵閘閥閥門(mén)齒輪油泵農行標識帶式壓濾機SEO關(guān)鍵詞優(yōu)化不銹鋼球閥接近開(kāi)關(guān)管道離心泵離心機柱塞計量泵美標閥門(mén)蝸輪減速機金屬紀念幣帶式壓濾機


Shanghai Advanced Optoelectronic Material Corporation (SAOM) is a professional manufacturer, production of evaporation/coating materials and SiO Anode Materials for Lithium battery. Relying on the R&D background and qualified scientists and engineers of Chinese Academy of Sciences, SAOM has own advantages on product quality control and new material development. SAOM has its own sales network in China, products have been exported to Japan, Korea, Germany, France, UK, U.S., Thailand and Taiwan. In 2011, we settled Gugangde Advanced Optoelectronic Material Corporation in Xinhang Economic Development Zone, Guangde, Anhui Province ,occupies 20,000 m2 as the R&D center and production base. Now we have nearly 10,000 m2 of factory.

SAOM’s operation philosophy:

Deploitation and Enterprising, Honest and Trustworthy

SAOM has already passed ISO9001:2017 quality system certification, established quality control standard for every processing from row material to finished product. SAOM products are with high quality and stability. 


The main products:

Evaporation/coating materials including oxides, fluorides and sulfides.

1. Ti-Oxides (Ti3O5,TiO,TiO2,Ti2O3,Ti4O7, TiO2/Al2O3,TiO2/SiO2),

2. Si-Oxides (SiO, SiO2, SiO2/Al2O3, SiO2/SiO)

3. Zr-Oxides (ZrO2, ZrO, ZrO2/TiO2, ZrO2/Al2O3, ZrO2/Ta2O5,)

4. Other Oxide Mixture (H4, ITO, IZO, AZO, Dralo, , Al2O3/Ta2O5,)

5. Other Oxides, Fluorides, Sulfides, Nitrides (HfO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3, MgF2, ZnS)

6. Sputtering targets including oxide targets and metal targets

7. Copper, Mo and W crucible for optical coating; filaments for electronic beam gun and high temperature ceramic devices and other components.

SiO, Anode Materials for Li-ion Battery.


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